Who is Silver Bullet Training?

Silver Bullet Training is an online and onsite training service. Established in 2015, in Sydney Australia.

We provide high quality training in the use of a range of IT and web applications, as well as using and maintaining PC hardware and mobile devices.

For enquiries, technical support or to book a course, please use our Contact Us page.

Our Services

Whether you or your staff need help learning how to use their iPhone, iPad or Android devices, need a computer built or repaired after hours or are looking for tailor made, onsite training solutions and sessions to keep your staff up to speed, Silver Bullet Training.com offers a one stop solution you can trust.

We offer both onsite classes and online training services, Australia wide. If you live somewhere remote, give us a call and we can create a custom training solution with you.

Other Services

Other services we provide include:

– IT Training and Consulting
– Computer repairs and upgrades (PC and Apple)
– Video Editing
– Sound editing
– Photography Services