Our Training Services

Silver Bullet Training creates and facilitates 1 day group training classes for adults,
covering topics such as how to use your mobile phone or iPad, Facebook for beginners,
how to create a website in WordPress, and how to use social media for absolute beginners.

Onsite training classes are limited to 12 people at a time.

Courses available in 2021 include:

–    Apple iPhone  (Beginners, Intermediate, Seniors)

–    Apple iPad  (Beginners, Intermediate, Seniors)

–    Samsung Mobiles (Beginners, Intermediate, Seniors)

–    Samsung Tablets (Beginners, Intermediate, Seniors)

–    Online Payments and Shopping for Seniors

–    Computer Maintenance and Repairs for Beginners

–    Build a Computer From Parts

–    Social Media Marketing for Beginners

–    Photobooks for Travelers

–    Introduction to WordPress

–    Home Networking and WiFi

–    Microsoft Project for Beginners

–    Video Marketing for Beginners

–    Advanced Video Marketing With Amazon S3

–    Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

–    Make Music With Your Computer (FL Studio 12)

–    Microsoft Office Word  (beginners and intermediate)

–    Microsoft Office Excel  (beginners and intermediate)

–    Microsoft Office Powerpoint

–    Microsoft Office Outlook

–    Adobe Photoshop Elements